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Since 2011, Dvara Research has been hosting flagship conferences on various themes on financial inclusion. As part of our conferences, we were delighted to have an array of domain experts ranging from practitioners, academicians, policymakers, and researchers join us for discussions on various topics and issues that impact the financial landscape of the country


6th Dvara Research Conference

Theme: Making Credit Work for the Poor
Dvara Research organized a two-day, in-person conference on approaches to making credit work for the poor. The conference was held in collaboration with the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), housed at the World Bank.
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5th Dvara Research Conference

Theme: Household Finance
As part of this conference, we had research presentations, keynote speeches, expert talks, and panel discussions on various themes of household finance
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4th Dvara Research Conference

Theme: Regulating Data-driven Finance
At this conference we deeply reflected on the optimal regulatory stance on data-driven finance
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3rd Dvara Research Conference

Theme: Designing Regulations for a Rapidly Evolving Financial System
This conference brought together a carefully curated group of regulators, academics and thought leaders in financial services to examine the trend of modularisation and implications for regulation design for the Indian financial system
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2nd Dvara Research Conference

Theme: Envisioning the Future of Financial Consumer Protection in India
At this conference, we discussed the possible frameworks for consumer protection in finance for India
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1st Dvara Research Conference

Theme: Financial Systems Design
This conference provided a forum for stakeholders in the Indian financial system to discuss key design issues using a functional lens
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