Independent Research and Policy Advocacy


Financial Well-being Evidence Gap Map

The ever-increasing complexity of financial lives for low and middle-income households, this area of research can critically guide the development of both financial markets and appropriate products that better serve the needs of customers.

Dvara Open Online Repository

Dvara Open Online Repository (DOOR) provides a single location to access publicly available household finance data in India. It is a carefully curated catalogue of datasets which are a product of various research efforts testing different hypotheses by studying household-level financial decision making.

Household Finance Datasets

Dvara Research is actively seeking to build collaborations with the researchers interested in undertaking rigorous empirical research to develop a deeper understanding of financial behaviours of households.


A multimedia collection of research and responses that dig into policy initiatives, legislative measures, and public health interventions, this collection offers an in-depth analysis of how states navigate challenges and global crises.

Course Materials

A comprehensive collection of research materials that delve into crucial topics within the realm of finance. Focusing on the intersection of social responsibility and financial expertise, the course materials prominently feature resources on empowering low income households by safeguarding the stability and integrity of financial organizations.