Independent Research and Policy Advocacy


Dvara Research is committed to fostering a vibrant research community and promoting the exchange of ideas. Each year, we host different forms of events – conferences, workshops and webinars, both online and on-ground, to create a platform for sharing information and deliberating on issues. Through such events, we bring together researchers, practitioners, and other think tanks to explore the evolving landscape in our fields of study.

We invite you to browse our events and find opportunities to connect on subjects that interest you.


Dvara Research is pleased to announce the inaugural of our new platform called InSPIRE or Informal Sector Policy Interventions and Research Engagements. The mission of InSPIRE is to research and advocate for policy action to provide adequate levels of social and livelihoods protection for the informal sector in India.


Dvara Research has been hosting flagship conferences on various themes on financial inclusion. As part of our conferences, we were delighted to have an array of domain experts ranging from practitioners, academicians, policymakers, and researchers join us for discussions on various topics and issues that impact the financial landscape of the country.


This workshop aims to gather the views of various stakeholders, such as regulators, practitioners, and researchers, to understand the nuances of two related themes. By improving the quality of public disclosures pertaining to the financial position and health of banks and non-bank lenders in India to enable better market disciplining.


The objective of this webinar series will be to explore one of the “control knobs” for reforming the healthcare system in India that has not received adequate attention, and that is the financing of healthcare.

Report Launch

The ever-increasing complexity of financial lives for low and middle-income households, this area of research can critically guide the development of both financial markets and appropriate products that better serve the needs of customers.