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Our Comments On Preliminary Draft Code On Wages (Central) Rules, 2020

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Dvara Research 1 is a not-for-profit policy research and advocacy institute whose primary mission is to ensure access to financial services for all individuals and enterprises. One of our core areas of interest is the provision of social services, including insurance, pensions and access to basic services provided by the government. We welcome the decision to frame the Draft Code on Wages (Central) Rules, 2020 [“the Rules”]. The Code on Wages, 2019, which codifies several earlier enactments on the payment of wages, was an important step in extending minimum wage laws to workers in all classes of employment. We also welcome the decision to include a consumption-based minimum wage within the text of the Rules, based on the Supreme Court’s decision in the Raptakos Brett case (AIR 1992 SC 504).

Read the full report here.

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