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Dear reader,

Thanks for following our work over the years. I am writing to share with you a brief update on brand changes at our end. When we started ten years ago, the vision was to build an ecosystem for financial inclusion in India that comprised research, teaching, advocacy and commercial organizations that addressed market gaps. Hence, we decided to share the “IFMR” brand with the IFMR business school and research centres. A decade later, many elements of that vision have been converted into reality. However, our organisations have also reached a point of inflexion and stand to benefit now from distinct identities.

Accordingly, the IFMR Trust ecosystem has rebranded as follows: all of our capital markets work (previously IFMR Capital & IFMR Investments) will be known as Northern Arc. This family of brands will include Northern Arc Capital and Northern Arc Investments. All of our origination and policy research work (earlier IFMR Rural Channels, KGFS, IFMR Rural Finance & IFMR Finance Foundation) will be known as Dvara. This family of brands will include Dvara Trust, Dvara KGFS, Dvara Solutions and Dvara Research.  Northern Arc and Dvara will remain connected through its shared mission and values.

I invite you to take a look at the short videos below to get a glimpse of what the new brands mean. We look forward to a new decade of impact and innovations. I also want to take the opportunity to thank the IFMR Business School and IFMR LEAD for helping us build the foundations of our work in the first decade and wish them the best for their exciting future plans.

Bindu Ananth

Dvara Video:
Northern Arc Video:

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