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Daily News Clips on Financial Inclusion

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One has different ways to keep track of the latest news and updates on financial inclusion in India; currently this may take the form of one’s Twitter stream or Facebook updates or the good old email subscriptions. To make this task a bit easier for anyone who is in the sector or is interested to know more about how the market is evolving in enabling access to financial services for excluded individuals and enterprises, we at the IFMR Finance Foundation are curating a “Daily News Clips” magazine on financial inclusion in India.

As part of putting the daily magazine together we scan, compile and curate a daily collection of articles, editorials, posts and publications from across the web that broadly encompasses financial inclusion efforts in India. Covering a wide range of topics we throw light on the important developments and innovations that are shaping the market and put forth perspectives on key issues from across publications so that readers get a balanced and well-informed outlook both with respect to policy and practice.

You can sign-up to receive email updates from the magazine by clicking here. If you would like a particular story to be featured in the magazine or a news source we should be covering please write to clips [at]

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