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IFMR Capital – Partners Meet

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To considerably expand access to capital for financially under-served households, IFMR Capital is organizing its first Partner’s meet on the 22nd and 23rd November. The meet will provide a platform to participants for reflection, dialogue and action.

Participants comprise a select group of expert practitioners in the field of access to inclusive finance for low income households. The participants’ will engage and will help answer key questions of critical importance:

  • How do we design a financial system in which there are multiple and diverse originators providing integrated financial services to low income households and small businesses, evaluating and pricing risks appropriately, and ultimately taking responsibility for good financial outcomes for their customers?
  • How do we work towards understanding the needs of our customers for financial services better and fulfilling them?
  • How do we design business models that are based on deep local knowledge and relationships, while ensuring systemic stability?
  • How do we ensure that inclusive finance originators have adequate risk management capability and supporting infrastructure to ensure sustainability?
  • How would the organization have to evolve to obtain efficient and reliable sources of funding?

The spirit of this meet is to take a step back from the existing products, institutional frameworks, and regulatory architectures, and take a more fundamental view of what can be done to improve the ability of our financial system to ensure access to finance for every individual and every enterprise.Together, we will work on a shared vision for the industry and identify specific pathways to achieve that vision.

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