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IFMR Rural Channels launches Vellaru KGFS

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IFMR Rural Channels launched its fourth KGFS – Vellaru Kshetriya Gramin Financial Services to serve Ariyalur, Perambalur and Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu. This is in addition to Pudhuaaru KGFS (Thanjavur), Dhanei KGFS (Ganjam, Orissa) and Sahastradhaara KGFS (Uttarakhand). The KGFS network has 106 branches that serve about 200,000 households in these regions.

The KGFS model is aimed at improving the financial well-being of households and enterprises in remote rural India by providing them access to a comprehensive range of financial services. Its wealth management approach emphasises understanding each household and customising a portfolio of financial services to meet its unique requirements.

At the Vilagam branch of Vellaru KGFS

Speaking at this occasion, Anil Kumar S.G, CEO, IFMR Rural Channels said, “This is another important milestone in our journey towards achieving our mission. Over the past few months we have worked on completing our suite of products, which now includes Pensions and term life among other products. We have also been able to make significant progress on our wealth management approach. The branches in the new entity would be offering this complete suite of products under the wealth management framework.

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  1. My congratulations to IFMR Rural Channels and IFMR Rural Finance on this launch. The branch looks beautiful. My best wishes to the management of Vellaru for building a strong local financial institution that has a transformational effect on the region.

  2. Congratulations to Anil and his team.One more feather in IFMR Rural Finance’ Cap. I hope this innovative intermediation catches the imagination and interest of the regulator and all concerned.Let thousand such small local financial institutions bloom to the delight of the disadvantaged and deserving sections of our poplulation.

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