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IFMR Rural Finance is now ISO Certified

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IFMR Rural Finance is now an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation. IFMR Rural Finance, an organisation with a mission of promoting high-quality Financial Institutions, has undergone the certification for the design work it carries out in various fields of finance. The exercise is extended to various verticals of IFMR Rural Finance viz. Technology, Products, Training, Wealth management, Business Development and Design to look into the internal processes that have been followed in ensuring the quality of deliverables for clients.

Commenting on the certification, Puneet Gupta, CEO, IFMR Rural Finance said, “We started this exercise almost a year back and we had different teams run through multiple rounds of process refinement. It sure was a challenge because we operate in a unique space, but at the same time, it was exciting because we were setting new standards in the field.”

The exercise resulted in setting a common cycle of design for each of the verticals, which will ensure smoother communication, proper knowledge management, continual improvement and superior channel management.

In the due process, IFMR Rural Finance has also framed the following:

  • A Quality System Manual, which is an overarching framework that defines various processes to ensure quality at various levels of design life cycle.
  • A Quality System Procedure which defines procedures, templates, information sharing mechanisms for various processes like receiving client input, internal discussions, approvals, design & testing and feedback mechanism.
  • Quantifiable Objectives – an objective for each of the department to monitor the qualitative parameters at regular intervals and for improving the same.

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