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Pudhuaaru KGFS Turns 9 – The Journey of the First Branch

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  1. Best wishes on this important day. Would love to see a more complete analysis / narrative of what has happened in that village in the last 9 years and what impact the KGFS branch has had.

  2. These are great figures and congrats for the achievement. However, what we would really want to see or know is the REAL growth. What is happening with the customers? What is the positive change? Are the farmers moving to high yield corps? What about the long term financial discipline? Are they using the savings & interests in (education & health) – sending kids to school, funding higher education, building pucca toilets? Such impact will be wonderful to show case and interest donors and social investors worldwide in the programme. All the very best !!

  3. I agree with the comments below from Nachiket and Saunak. It would also be so interesting to see what has become of the wealth managers from the first several branches. How has their work at KGFS influenced their life journey? Are they still working with Pudhuaaru KGFS or in financial services? What can we learn from them?

  4. Thanks Deidra, Nachiket and Saunak for these questions! We share your enthusiasm in learning about the wider impacts of KGFS on the communities they serve, but don’t have a rigorous understanding just yet.

    The good news is that a long-running randomized evaluation of KGFS expansion has recently concluded and we expect this will shed more light on exactly the types of questions you mention. We look forward to learning and sharing more with you this coming year.

    A very brief preview to these results was published earlier is available here

  5. Thank you for the infographic and the preliminary results.

    Checking the preliminary results and this infographic, it will help if you cover the following your final report

    # The initial report findings mentioned 44% of the households as the customer base. But given that the branch has been around for nearly 9 years, was any data collected on why potential customers didn’t convert. That could provide some insights into the product mix.
    # If you can explain what this ‘Product take-up in study branches over time’ chart is intended to convey it will help. If the intent was to show the increased% in uptake, then a series line-graph might make it easier on the eye
    # In the report if you can add some details from the non-KGFS borrowers on why they still are going to the moneylender it can give some insights. A 60% moneylender rate as compared to the 25% by KGFS is a big difference (even if not in monetary value). And the fact that the branch was open for 9 years, and yet people are willing to pay such high interest means there is something that the moneylender is doing right isn’t it?
    # This report data will get into right?

    Thank You

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