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Specializing Banking Channels to Reach the Poor

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Ignacio Mas, Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation discusses the delivery channels of financial products in a blog post for Financial Access Initiative.

He refers to the KGFS model and says,  “We can learn, for example, from the “private banking for the poor” model of KGFS in India.  KGFS’s strategy entails high-touch individualized service and product recommendations based on thoughtful analysis of livelihood sources and asset portfolio analysis. It may seem counter-intuitive to provide high-touch services for the poorest, but the KGFS premise is that private banking seems right for the very affluent (who have complex wealth management choices to make) as much as for the very poor (who have vital risk management choices to make). It’s the people like you and me in between who feel adequately served by helping ourselves from a menu of off-the-shelf banking products.”

Read the full post here.

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