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We often dismiss stories, saying “anecdotes aren’t data,” but data enriched with anecdotes can be far more effective than just data in changing minds and getting people to pay attention. In the concluding post of our blog series on the latest Spark edition, Amy Jensen Mowl & Vaishnavi Prathap, as part of their session, highlighted a few examples where just adding some narrative elements to data can have a big impact in overall communication.

Outlining different facets of storytelling, the session focussed on how stories can be a powerful medium to help us understand and engage better, and in addition how effective storytelling can aid in moulding complex ideas into a form that lot more people could understand better of.

Having said this, the session also provided an equally important perspective that while storytelling does provide an interesting dimension, it is equally important to use the right stories – stories that are authentic and speak to the truth without in any way camouflaging the inherent reality that may exist beneath.

Watch below the video & presentation from the session.

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