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RBI’s ‘Financial Stability Reports’ and Stress Testing Methodologies

Analysing the contents of the Reserve Bank of India’s biannual FSRs and the methodology of the RBI’s supervisory stress tests reveals that there is scope for improvement, specifically regarding the continuity in the tracking of certain risk drivers, the extent of commentary on the information, and aspects of stress tests.

RBI must accommodate fintech innovations, not ban them

An RBI Working Group has suggested that lending service providers be disallowed from providing credit enhancements such as FLDG (first-loss-default-guarantee). However, a risk-proportionate regulation of FLDG could address its risks, while allowing the ecosystem to benefit from innovation.

RBI’s Resolution Frameworks: A Case for Extension and Amendment

In this blog post, we answer the first two questions. In the next post, we shall present a principle-based approach that the RBI may adopt, thus answering the third question of how the current regulations should be amended or augmented to enhance their efficacy.