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CORE Net Member Showcase: Conversations with Social Protection Initiative, Dvara Research

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Since July 2020, the Social Protection Initiative (SPI) at Dvara Research has been an active part of the COVID-19 Research Network (CORE Net India), a community fostering exchange and collaboration among research organisations investigating COVID-19 related issues in India. In this set of videos, Aarushi Gupta and Aishwarya Narayan discuss their work pertaining to exclusion and the delivery of social protection entitlements as part of the CORE Net Conversations series. The presentation is based on a research study in collaboration with our research partners Gram Vaani, University of Montreal and Tika Vaani. The report, titled ‘Delivery of Social Protection Entitlements in India: Unpacking Exclusion, Grievance Redress, and the Relevance of Citizen-Assistance Mechanisms’, was released in April 2021 and is available here.

Further, in an exchange with Kevin Shane (Core Net facilitation member), Aarushi Gupta offers her thoughts on the future of our work, as well as of the impact COVID-19 may have in India.

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