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IFMR Rural Channels launches Thenaaru KGFS

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Close on the heels of launching its fourth KGFS, IFMR Rural Channels launched its fifth KGFS yesterday – Thenaaru Kshetriya Gramin Financial Services (KGFS) which would be serving the districts of Pudukkotai, Karur and Namakkal in Tamil Nadu. The first branch has been opened at Nagarapatti in Pudukkottai District.

As an entity KGFS aims at delivering a complete suite of products and services to ensure financial wellbeing of households and enterprises in remote rural locations under its unique wealth management approach.

Apart from the recently launched Thennaru KGFS & Vellaru KGFS, the other operational KGFSs include Pudhuaaru KGFS (Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu), Dhanei KGFS (Ganjam, Orissa) and Sahastradhaara KGFS (Uttarakhand).

Images from the Nagarapatti branch launch:

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