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Towards a Shared Framework for Measuring Financial Inclusion and Well-being


This article explores the significance of financial inclusion in determining the financial well-being of Indian households. It discusses a measurement framework developed by Dvara Research and xKDR Forum, focusing on access to and usage of financial products, and financial well-being. Our results from collaborative research with financial service providers shed light on the framework’s applicability and its relationship with improved financial outcomes.

Measurement of financial well-being, a review of the literature

In this paper, we review the literature on what constitutes financial well-being of a
household and how it can be visualised as the outcome of financial inclusion. If financial
well-being can be measured accurately, it can guide both policy makers and financial service
providers on what and where are the gaps in how finance can improve the lives of their

Reorienting Financial Well-being through FWR 2.0

For an institution focussed on delivering high-quality and customised financial services to low-income households, the Wealth Management approach has been the one of the key underlying layers that is core to the KGFS Model.