Independent Research and Policy Advocacy

Notes from Consumers International’s Global Congress 2023

Consumer protection in financial services is a core component of Dvara Research’s mission, activities and its advocacy agenda. In this regard, I had the opportunity to participate at Consumers International’s Global Congress 2023, in Nairobi, Kenya, in December 2023.

The factors making customers check out from the Account Aggregator journey

This post presents design elements that providers can use to make the consent artefacts more effective for constrained users. These design recommendations emerge from the insights from an immersive behavioural field study we conducted with 60 constrained customers through a gamified simulation of an AA transaction.

A Social Stock Exchange For India

Social enterprises will have to conform to much higher standards of reporting than they are conventionally used to.

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RBI must accommodate fintech innovations, not ban them

An RBI Working Group has suggested that lending service providers be disallowed from providing credit enhancements such as FLDG (first-loss-default-guarantee). However, a risk-proportionate regulation of FLDG could address its risks, while allowing the ecosystem to benefit from innovation.