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Effects of Mobile-Based Financial Services on Migrant Households’ Remittances and Savings

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Unreliable, expensive, and insecure channels of remittances and traditional savings instruments had inhibited migrant households’ ability to utilise their remittances to save and create wealth. This study evaluates the effect of mobilebased financial services on migrant workers’ financial choices based on interviews and surveys of seventy migrant workers employed in two apparel manufacturing units in Dundahera, Gurugram. This paper examines the role of mobile-based financial services as channels of remittances; and as platforms for managing savings for migrant households. The results showed that wage payment in bank accounts had a significant impact on whether migrant workers used mobile-based financial services to operate their bank accounts. In addition, workers who operated their bank accounts using mobile-based financial services also tended to use them for remitting money. Finally, it was observed that household savings had increased among those migrant households who had been a part of this study and had used mobile-based financial services to remit money.

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