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Insights from the All-India Debt and Investment Survey 2019

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The All-India Debt and Investment Survey (AIDIS) conducted by the National Statistical Office is a nationally representative survey of Indian households that collects information about the assets and liabilities of households. The survey is unique in that it provides detailed information about the volume and value of financial and physical assets households own as well as the incidence and source of indebtedness among households. Such an information is useful as it allows us to construct the balance sheet of households, thereby helping us understand the level of interaction households have with the formal financial system. Studying household’s financial behaviour is crucial in assessing the state of access to and use of formal financial services and the progress Indian households have made in their financial inclusion journey. In this slide-deck, we present key insights from AIDIS, 2019, and paint a picture of the current landscape of Indian household finance.

To read the full deck click here.

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