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Financial portfolio of Indian households – A data book

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What assets do Indian households own? Has the rapid increase in bank account ownership among Indians in recent years also translated into increased usage of formal banking products and services? Has there been an increase in demand for insurance post the pandemic? Have the trends in borrowings changed over time?  What sources of credit do the households rely on for different purposes? Household finance researchers constantly struggle to find answers to such questions. To answer some of them and to track the changes in the financial inclusion landscape, we analyse the Consumer Pyramids Household Survey (CPHS) data maintained by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) since 2014. With CPHS collecting data on finances from a nationally representative sample of households once every four months, we get contemporary insights on the financial behaviour of Indian households and how it is evolving with the various financial inclusion efforts of both policymakers and practitioners. This data book compiles trends on household participation in formal financial services over the last few years.

We believe this data book will be of great use to the broader financial inclusion community interested in tracking the financial portfolios and behaviour of Indian households to design useful interventions. This working document shall be kept up to date with the latest available data.



Download the data book here.


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Team, H. F. (2022). Financial portfolio of Indian households – A data book. Retrieved from Dvara Research.


Team, Household Finance. “Financial portfolio of Indian households – A data book.” 2022. Dvara Research.


Team, Household Finance. 2022. “Financial portfolio of Indian households – A data book.” Dvara Research.

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