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Do UPI-fraud-awareness campaigns work?

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I am calling from your bank. It appears there has been a fraud on your Debit card and some money has also been deducted. I am calling to help you, but before we proceed, can I have some details for verification? I will need your full name, debit card number and PIN Pravin/ Shikha’s husband/wife works in the city and wants to send her some money. He asks for her UPI id, but she doesn’t know how to give it to him. She sees her local shopkeeper and asks him to help her. She unlocks her phone and gives it to him Congratulations! You’ve won a lucky draw for Rs 10,000/-. The money is ready to be transferred to your account. We have sent a ‘Collect’ request to your UPI id. Once you click on the Collect button, the money will be credited to your account Madam, I am calling from D Mart/Apna Bazaar. We have received export quality mangoes which we are selling to some of our special customers for Rs. 400 per dozen. Please make payment to this number: 98201555405 and we will deliver the mangoes to you in an hour Congratulations Ma’am! You have won a lottery of Rs. 10,000. Please let me know your UPI id and PIN so that I can transfer the money.

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