Independent Research and Policy Advocacy

Digitizing Women’s Money Management


In light of the challenges and opportunities presented by the prevalence of Digital Financial Services (DFS), the Digitizing Women’s Money Management (DWMM) project is aimed at contributing to the improvement of the landscape of financial services for women in Low-Income Households (LIHs).

The Use of Malware in UPI related Fraud 

In a recent study to evaluate the effectiveness of consumer awareness campaigns relating to United Payment Interface(UPI) frauds, Dvara Research interviewed ~85 low-income, new-to-UPI users from metro cities and small towns.

Do UPI In-App Grievance Redress Mechanisms work for constrained users?

In this interim report, we document our observations about the user interface of In-App GRMs in UPI applications (UPI Apps). Our observations are based on our review of the customer redress journey on these GRMs – mainly in terms of the GRM’s accessibility and usability – from the lens of a low-income, digital immigrant customer.