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Digitizing Women’s Money Management

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In light of the challenges and opportunities presented by the prevalence of Digital Financial Services (DFS), the Digitizing Women’s Money Management (DWMM) project is aimed at contributing to the improvement of the landscape of financial services for women in Low-Income Households (LIHs). This project delves into understanding and documenting the complex dynamics of women’s money management practices within these households, all the while recognizing the contextual reality of their financial lives. The project will help assess the feasibility of transitioning current money management practices of these women to digital platforms, specifically through the utilization of a UPI app, that will get deployed through an assisted model facilitated by trusted female peers or Sakhis. Through meticulous data collection and analysis, the DWMM project aims to unveil insights into the specific and unique financial behaviors and decision-making processes of women in LIHs in India. We hope that this will lay the groundwork for more such research but also more insight-driven ambition in creating tailored solutions that enable women from low-income backgrounds to better manage their finances. Ultimately, the objective is to enable meaningful financial inclusion by equipping women with the financial tools they need to thrive in the real economy with the support of DFS. 

Read the project brief here.

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