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The Future of Finance in India: Talwar Memorial Lecture

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Mr N Vaghul, chairman emeritus of ICICI Bank, recently delivered the Talwar Memorial Lecture on the topic “The Future of Finance in India”. Stressing the importance of multiple approaches when it comes to financial systems development, Mr Vaghul said that our country is too large and diverse to be wedded to one approach. He also stressed the importance of branch-based penetration into local areas, developing deep local insight, and said that a wealth management approach would have a greater chance of success when it comes to financial inclusion. He emphasized that while developing large-sized financial institutions and markets, ensuring systemic stability is an important concern at all times.

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  1. A good commentary on the Indian Financial system. It is primitive at the same time not reached a point of breaking as it happened in the case of American Banking System. The speaker attributes it to values, espoused by Mr.Talwar, who made SBI, possible and workable despite competition.  

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