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Demand for Health Insurance

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The lack of demand for health insurance, despite high levels of out-of-pocket expenditures and forgone care in India, is baffling. To understand why this is the case, we break down the demand for insurance into factors that affect (i) the value people associate with health insurance and the intention to buy, and (ii) the translation of this intention to actual purchase and renewal of insurance. Based on a study of the theoretical and empirical literature, we conclude with a set of hypotheses that looks at how demand for health insurance can be fostered by targeting both the components of demand (intention and action), through well-designed awareness measures and nudges to overcome the various behavioural biases involved.

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Ashraf, H., & Nambiar, A. (2021). Demand for Health Insurance. Retrieved from Dvara Research.


Ashraf, Hasna and Anjali Nambiar. “Demand for Health Insurance.” 2021. Dvara Research.


Ashraf, Hasna, and Anjali Nambiar. 2021. “Demand for Health Insurance.” Dvara Research.

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