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Project Brief

A project brief describes an ongoing research project under the customer protection program. It lays out the questions that the research project seeks to answer, and the methods to be employed. The brief’s purpose is to help the reader understand why the project and its aims and objectives are relevant for various stakeholders such as low-income households, policymakers and financial institutions.

Our Work

March 15, 2024 | Dvara Research

In light of the challenges and opportunities presented by the prevalence of Digital Financial Services (DFS), the Digitizing Women’s Money Management (DWMM) project is aimed at contributing to the improvement of the landscape of financial services for women in Low-Income Households (LIHs).

By Amulya Neelam, Sowmini G Prasad, Risha Ramachandran
April 14, 2023 | Dvara Research

An action project to help financial service providers detect debt distress among their borrowers and administer interventions to alleviate distress. Read the full report here.